The PTE Academic Write Essay task is scored on seven traits, each representing a separate aspect of essay quality.

The PTE Academic Write Essay task is scored on seven traits, each representing a separate aspect of essay quality.

The PTE Academic Write Essay task is scored on seven traits, each representing a separate aspect of essay quality.

Essay Score Guide

To score practice essays for your students, these guidelines can be followed by you:

The main trait is Content, this has the maximum that is highest raw score (3 points) and when the score is 0 (zero) the whole essay is scored zero, because no attempt was meant to perform the job as required.

It is critical to stress that the traits for PTE Academic need to independently be scored. Human raters can best accomplish this by scoring all essays consecutively for just one trait that is single the time, i.e., first rate all essays for Content. Subsequently score all essays for the Formal requirement, next for Development, Structure and Coherence, and so forth, till the trait that is last.

A test taker’s essay won’t be scored on any trait and will be awarded 0 (zero) when you look at the cases that are following

  • The response is irrelevant to the prompt.
  • The response just isn’t in English.
  • The response is written in capitals.
  • There is no written response.
  • PTE Academic reports all scores regarding the Scale that is global of (GSE).

    To compute the essay score add points over all seven traits and look within the score that is final the GSE transformation table at the conclusion of this document. The GSE is directly related to the levels of this common Framework that is european of for Languages (Council of Europe, 2001).

    Item type essay that is write mode Written
    Item type description Test takers are required to write an essay about a given topic.
    quantity of item traits 7
    Item traits Content

    Development, Structure and Coherence

    General Linguistic Range


    Item trait 1 Content
    Item trait description Content is scored by determining if every aspect associated with topic have now been addressed in the response and when provided details, examples and explanations are appropriately supporting the test taker’s point of view.
    The response will be scored zero on all traits if the test taker does not address the topic.
    Rating scale 3 The essay adequately deals with the prompt.

    2 The essay relates to the prompt but omits to deal with one aspect that is minor.

    1 The essay deals with the prompt but omits more than one aspect or one aspect that is major.

    0 The essay does not deal with the properly prompt.

    Maximum score 3
    Item trait 2 requirement that is formal trait description Formal Requirement is scored by determining in the event that response meets the length requirement of 200-300 words.
    In the event that test taker writes fewer than 120 or even more than 380 words, the response is likely to be scored zero on all traits.
    Rating scale 2 Length between 200 and 300 words

    1 Length between 120 and 199 or between 301 and 380 words

    0 Length significantly less than 120 or more than 380 words. Essay contains no punctuation or consists only of bullet points or very sentences that are short.

    Maximum score 2
    Item trait 3 Development, Structure and Coherence
    Item trait description Development, Structure and Coherence are scored according to the organization of this response demonstrating good growth of ideas and a logic structure.
    Rating scale 2 The essay shows a good development and structure that is logical.

    1 The essay incidentally is less well structured; some elements or paragraphs are poorly linked.

    0 The essay lacks coherence, mainly is composed of lists or loose elements.

    Maximum score 2
    Item trait 4 Grammar
    Item trait description Grammar is scored by examining if the response demonstrates correct usage that is grammatical.
    Rating scale 2 The essay shows consistent grammatical control over complex language. Errors are rare and difficult to identify.

    1 The essay shows a degree that is relatively high of control, there are no mistakes which could result in misunderstanding.

    0 The essay contains mainly simple structures and/or several basic mistakes.

    Maximum score 2
    Item trait 5 General Linguistic Range
    Item trait description General Linguistic Range is scored by determining if the language in the response accurately and precisely conveys the test taker’s ideas.
    Rating scale 2 The essay exhibits mastery of an array of language to formulate thoughts precisely, give emphasis, differentiate and ambiguity that is eliminate. There’s no sign the test taker had to restrict what he/she desired to say.

    1 The essay shows a range that is sufficient of to deliver clear descriptions, to express viewpoints and also to develop arguments.

    0 The essay contains mainly basic language and lacks precision.

    Maximum score 2
    Item trait 6 Vocabulary Range
    Item trait description Vocabulary Range is scored by determining if the response shows a beneficial command of a diverse lexical repertoire.
    Rating scale 2 The essay shows an excellent command of an extensive lexical repertoire and a good command of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.

    1 The essay shows a good buy essay array of vocabulary for matters attached to general academic topics. Evidently shortcomings that are lexical to circumlocution or some imprecision.

    0 The essay contains mainly basic vocabulary insufficient to deal aided by the topic in the required level.

    Maximum score 2

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